What have I been up to?

Today I got home after the beach and I eat some chicken and drank some beers. So I am a little tipsy while writing this. That’s why it’s going to be short and to the point, I don’t want to start posting weird things…yet. You have been warned.

I checked and the last post was past February… which means it’s about damn time I write another entry. And ladies and gentlemen, here we go!

During this time off I worked for Stradivarius, then Bershka and now for La Fourchette. I am not going to talk about it here, maybe in some future posts. But during this time I did another poster. Here it is:

Day Release
The poster was for the film Day Release (Tercer Grado) from the talented director Geoffrey Cowper. He approached me because the poster I did for Aún Hay Tiempo. First I did some sketches, like I use to. The idea behind the first sketches was inspired by the True Detective intro. Here they are:



Test sheet
That Actor Name must be a really good actor.


Then the direction shifted to somewhat an Isla Mínima poster look. Here the sketch. That’s the one they liked. This is what they based they decision off:

That green thing is supposed to be money.

Just kidding, I did a more refined piece:

Test sheet

I couldn’t take the pictures because I started working at LaFourchette and it was my first week there and I don’t have the swag yet to pull off not showing at work the first god damned week. That’s why someone had to step up to the challenge, that one is the ballsy Eduard Martí. He rents material for filming, check his website: Cine Grúas.

So thanks to him, Geoffrey and Jesus Lloveras (the star of the film) we got the source material. I am not going to show you the before and after this time, so instead let’s all watch this crazy goat:


Since there’s no topping that I am finishing this post. But not before saying that I kind of want to start writing here more frequently, so I may start a series or some kind of posts that makes me have to write. Probably I’ll go with a Getting Fit series, since I am starting to watch my diet and work out to get in shape and I am failing big time (I drank like 6 beers today and I just went to the beach) it will be perfect! More so, I love public humiliation so what’s best than to show my fat ass to the world? So yeah, stay tunned!