The day I became a model (Zoolander, watch out!)

2016 is here and I’ll turn 29. Time flies so I have to check some items from my bucket list of things to do before I turn 30. So far I haven’t crossed any, but instead I did something better. I just became a runway model. And it just happens Zoolander 2 is now on theathers… coincidence? I don’t think so!

I was one day chilling working hard at work when I received a text form a friend. Her sister, who picks models for shows, had some last minute cancelations. So they asked me if I was willing to step in. Me, being a man of costumes, I accepted without thinking it too much.  They told me there would be free food, that also helped…The runway’s theme was wedding dresses. I actually never did anything close to this, I just did some posing for self portraits, so I knew the face won’t be a problem. I had to focus on the walk. It was time to get some inspiration from the master:

And it went something like this:

And then we had to go out paired:

Right now you’re probably too stunned to even process what you just saw. I know, it happens all the time. Take your time…

Better now? Ok.

What I was trying to say while your mouth was salivating profusely is that you may think… How is it possible for a noob to be that good? Well, first of all, you have to trust yourself. Self-belief is the key to stand in front of a bunch of people looking you up and down while you walk slowly to them. Then, hard work. It’s important to master the art. This is what I did this past summer. I trained my moves looking after the best out there:

See, hard work pays off.

Here some pictures courtesy of my brother:

Do you see that lip bite? Hot.


This is the give-me-your-lunch-money look.
The lip bite again… A classic.
This is the can-we-leave-now look.
This is the can-we-leave-now look.


It’s not what it looks like! I can explain… I was just taking my pants off…


This is it! See you next time (and judging from my posting frequency it may be around June).