The Art of Posing (or how to look good…

When I started taking photos more frequently, I came across the problem of not having models or how or where to get them for free. Also, since I wasn’t’ that fluent on this portrait world I didn’t want to have someone stand right there awkwardly listening to my jokes while I adjust the lightning and sweat profusely.

To circumvent this little problem I started taking self portraits. This is a great way of polishing your skills without having to explain the model what kind of weird dumb thing you have in mind. So that’s why today it’s all about posing. Welcome to…

To make my life easier I bought a remote control to trigger the cam so I can focus on posing my face right. As you can see I did great:

Nailed it.

As you can see I went with the pose known as somebody put something far up my arse. In my personal opinion that may not be the best to go pose 95 per cent of the time. In all seriousness that face shows that I wasn’t that comfortable in front of the lenses. That’s why the next time I really worked on it, and tried to give a more dynamic look:

It looks like one of <a href="" target="_blank">Chuck Testa</a>‘s works.


And the next one after that:

I am staring in to your soul.

We can see a trend there; I look retarded in all of those. But that didn’t stop me and I kept trying. I had to change the dead-face so the living can relate a little and this came out:

The liveliness, you can taste it.

If it works for an animated cat why not for me?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Yes it’s terrible, but I started to try different things, getting more confident in front of the camera. Which is a good thing, I guess. I started playing with low key setups because if you don’t have the chops of a model to pull out a killing face, the next best thing you can do is hide it. I have a saying, everybody looks good with the lights turned off.

Oh, look! It seems it’s getting better. The one on the right doesn’t look THAT bad! To be able to progress in any discipline one has to be analytical. If we pay close attention to those portraits shown, we can see little details that will help improve the posing on future portraits. You can see the poses got better the more the beard grew.  So the conclusion is obvious. Grow a full beard. A full beard and the right lightning to hide your awkward posing skills is key to a good pose. And on top of that, add puppy eyes:


Just follow this three points and you’ll be able to pose good enough to not be embarrassed by your face. That’s what I did. But in my drive to keep improving I added a little wrinkle to my portrait posing game. This trick is easy, you just have to look away from the lenses like someone just yelled your name:


Who is there?


I swear I heard the doorbell ring.


I better go open that door.

But this one is just for the pros. Fun fact; in the last two photos I smelled terrible because I didn’t shower after working out in the morning. I bet you’re thankful that the technology to smell photos isn’t here yet.

Here the before/afters:


Guess what? Animations are back!



And that’s it for today. Remember kids; to look good on photos grow a beard and don’t shower!