La Sagrada Familia (or sh*t takes time)

I had a blog almost written about some fitness stuff but I had to do the pictures to finish the post and I didn’t felt like doing them at the moment. So, what did I do? Left it for later, because sh*t takes time… And this brings us to La Sagrada Famila (seamless transition, I know).

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years… no wait, 30 years? Let me check it… What?!  They started to build La Sagrada Familia in 1882? Say whaaaat?

Ok… If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 133 years, then there’s a pretty cool building in Barcelona that they started to build in the year 1882. It’s called La Sagrada Familia, which totally sounds like the rival of the Italian mafia La Cosa Nostra. They are still building the damn thing.

Setting aside the obvious parallels between Gaudí’s amazing piece and my blogs (they both are awe inspiring and left unfinished) I want to point out one other thing. What does your mom and La Sagrada Familia have in common? That I was inside her just last week.


Sorry, couldn’t hold it back. Yes, after living close to it for 28 years I went to visit the inside of the glorious basilica. And I am not ashamed to say that it was because it was free. I don’t know if it’s just me but visiting things I live so close and I can go see every other day it’s kind of like, meh, I’ll go some day… And if I have to pay… Nope. But this past weekend there was an Open everything event in Barcelona and one of the things open was La Sagrada Familia…oh! And your mum’s legs!

Even if it was free you had to get tickets online. And the number of tickets was limited. Once I got the news I told my coworkers and we tried to get a few tickets and it was impossible. Lucky me, I friend got a hold of two tickets. I have no clue how but I’m guessing some black magic was involved. As soon as I got the news that I had a ticket I ditched my coworkers, told them I had tickets and good luck.

I am sorry I failed you.

The day was kind of cloudy and there wasn’t much light inside. I had to use long exposures while placing my camera on the floor or rely on my still hands… which are as shaky as Michael J. Fox doing the Harlem Shake.

Here some pics:

And that’s the inside. They are not the best photos (you can find much better ones with a quick Google search), but hey, who cares. When I got out of there I took some more photos of the exterior and you can find some funny statues there. The first thing that caught my eye was this inscription:

“What you are doing, do it fast”. JOHN 13.27

This building that is taking forever to build has the equivalent of “Hurry up, man!” set in stone. Oh the irony. But we can find other weird statues there. It’s like Gaudí just sculptured some of the workers’ faces and put them up there just to rejoice on their suffering.

Look at the resignation on that poor man’s face.


He is dying before the building gets done. And he knows it.


Look at the sadness.


That was probably the last time he would see his wife.


Gaudí was a visionary. He was a master mind ahead of his time. But he wasn’t that different from us. Look! Gaudí liked big butts too:

She squats.


It feels good to finish a post and to actually publish it. I should do it more often… or nah.