Australia. Final Chapter: Nemo, are you here? (and more)

I was on a roll. The last five consecutive weeks I’ve been writing a post about Australia when suddenly, no Internet. This is the reason why it took so long to post this one. As I am writing this I still have no Internet connection at home. If you are reading this it probably means I’ve published it from work because the bastards who are supposed to provide us are being a bunch of dumbfucks.

After this rant, let’s get it on with the post, which is going to be the last chapter of my trip to Australia. At first, the idea was to do a post only about the Great Barrier Reef because before going to our trip we bought a GoPro. Excuse me, did I say GoPro? I meant “G o P r o”.

The camera is not that bad for the price tag but I’ve never used one before and if we add this to the fact I’ve never snorkeled before either, the result is not the one expected. So, I’ve decided to put the rest of the photos in one post and finish the series here. Let’s be honest. I overachieved on this one. You know it, I know it, and everybody knows it. I was thinking about doing about three posts and this one is the sixth.  Go figure.

The Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling there is like being in Avatar underwater.  We spent about 2 hours but we could’ve spent about twenty. Well, maybe not. The sun is crazy strong there and when snorkeling, one is with the back facing the sun all the time, which means human barbecue. I’ve never put so much sunscreen on. We bathed in it.

Being in the Reef and snorkeling, we had to try to find Nemo. After we headed back to the boat after the first immersion, one of the diving instructors overheard me disappointed about not finding Nemo. So he jumped in the conversation and told us if we wanted to see one. Of course we do! He optimistically said follow me, and dived down. We started to follow him but he just kept getting deeper and deeper (that’s what she said). I was starting to wonder if he was aware we were snorkeling, the breathing tube is actually not that long. Finally, he arrived next to an anemone. He pointed it and we tried to reach it. Without my glasses and my magnificent diving skills I didn’t see shit. Thank god he was a cool guy and asked for our “GoPro” and taped the fish for us. In the next immersion in another place, we actually found some nemos (the black ones) on our own. And they were somewhat close and we could record them. You can check both videos here:

We tried to take some photos also and, well, here they are:

Underwater selfie? Nailed it.

After Cairns we went to Darwin where we watch crocodiles jumps, almost died because of the weather, and visit some nice parks. There are, as Donald Trump would say, yuuuuuge termite nests. How something so little can build something so big? No idea, but probably it took me longer to publish this post.

Not sure what they were doing there.

We also walked in some parks during the midday hours. BEST. IDEA. EVER. We walked about 20 to 30 minutes under the sun and we were dying. Because I am cool (or stupid) just like that, I didn’t wear anything in my head. Once this near death experience was over, we headed to a lake with two nice waterfalls. The thing was built like a swimming pool; it even had stairs to get in to the water. What differed from a pool was the fact there were signs informing there may be crocodiles roaming the area. Not to worry! When we went there it wasn’t the time of the year were the saltwater crocs roamed the area. Only freshwater crocodiles could be found there. But they are a bunch of scared little dummies who ran away when they hear humans around (thank God).

So this was my Australian trip. It was a short stay but really fun. I was able to see my brother once again and discover just a tiny piece of this amazing country. Australia is just awesome. From its beaches to its mountains. From the cute koalas to the bastards of mag pies. A highly recommendable place to visit and I’ll definitely try to come back.