Australia. Chapter V: Am I in Jurassic Park?

When we were planning our trip to Australia we started to write a bucket list of things to do and see down there: visit Sydney, go to Bondi beach, watch some kangaroos, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef… Then, my brother told us there was a place where crocodiles could jump. We were like…what?! We did some research and in the Adelaide River, Darwin, you can get in a tiny boat and off you go in to the river. This is the boat.

Funny thing is, when we arrived, there was a crocodile already waiting behind the boat. Needleless to say boarding the boat was a bit tense. There was this piece of metal half flooded in jumping saltwater crocodile infested water.  Because once there we learned there are two kinds of crocodiles. The freshwater ones, they are scared future boots which hide underwater when they hear humans around. And then, the saltwater croc, you are on their menu. And they are like ninjas, it’s really hard to spot them.

There probably 4 or 5 crocs in this picture.
There are probably 4 or 5 crocs in this picture.

So, after driving quite a long time on a long straight road, we arrived. A nice old lady instructed us to stay there until we were called to board the boat. We could see the boat wasn’t that big and if we wanted to get a nice seat under some shade we should be ready. So my brother decided to take a shit just minutes before boarding. They started to call us and my brother was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he appeared and we were able to take the lasts seats with shade.

That was key. In Australia the sun is crazy and in Darwin was the worst. When we arrived in Sydney, we could feel the sun hit stronger that usual. But it wasn’t until we got to the north that we were like… what the fuck is that? We were bathing regularly with 50+ sunscreen. And it wasn’t only the sun, that place is the most humid place I’ve ever been in, after you mum’s private parts of course.  When we got out of the airport and left the comfort of the AC behind…  that was hell on earth. I use to sweat a lot but there I had a permanent layer of sweat on me all the time. By the time we left, my skin was begging me to get away from that place.

But where were we…the crocs! The guide told us simple rules to follow: don’t take your limbs out of the boat when crocs are near, and don’t fall in the water. Once those rules were set, the boat took off. After just  a couple of minutes under the midday sun, we were enjoying watching the last family to board get barbequed in front of our eyes. The sun was THAT strong. And when the family was medium rare, crocs! The guide made them jump with a hook and some meat. I could go on and on how cool that was but… just look at the photos.

After feeding some crocs the guide told us there were also some kind of falcons. He attracted them using his favorite method, more meat. He threw the meat in the air and the birds caught the pieces mid fly. Almost as neat as the pictures I took of the moment.

Close enough.
Close enough.

We have to keep in mind that I was scared shitless of getting any limb out of the boat. Were there crocs or no crocs in sight. And after that brief pause, we moved to visit a huge crocodile named Brutus. Brutus has 3 or 4 teeth, is 70 years old and as big as a dinosaur. He is missing a leg because a shark attacked him. But the story doesn’t end here, a few months later somebody photgraphed Brutus killing a shark. Just click here. We stopped on the riverside and the guide took the beast out of the water. This thing was bigger than the boat and when he snapped his jaws the sound was scary.



The photos doesn’t make him justice. Just watch the videos with sound.


All the credit to my friend Gerard, he risked his own health to take this footage. He was taking video of the crocs while I was photographing what I could. It was really fun trying to get good pictures while keeping all my four limbs. That was one hell of an experience. If you ever go to Australia you should totally pay a visit to Darwin just to see those wild beasts. We booked this one. Just in case you were interested.

So… after a while, crocodile! (sorry, but for this post I had to say it).