Australia. Chapter III: Roses are red. Mountains are… blue?

Since in Sydney we couldn’t find any dangerous animal life we adventured to the nature and we visited the Blue Mountains. The surprise was when we arrived there; the roads were all built of cement with rails. Not what I was expecting but the views were nice. They are called Blue Mountains because when you look at them they have a blue tint all over them, maybe a little exaggerated, but it still nice. Here some photos of the place.

Spookiest toilet ever.

Once again, not a single dangerous animal in sight. The paranoia was there. I probably saw like 15 snakes and 12 spiders. But they were all a product of my imagination. After walking around the mountains we saw in a map some waterfalls, so we decided to go check them out. We had to be fast because there was not much time left in the parking ticket. But waterfalls sounded like a nice plan. Who doesn’t like water walling down? That’s what we found there.

As Donald Trump would say “It’s huge!”.

After the walk we sat down in a picnic area next to our car to eat something, enjoying another day gone by without any dangerous encounter with a deadly animal when suddenly…a magpie! This bastard was after our leftovers, so we ran back to the car.

And this was our day in the “wild”. It’s understandable all the measures to keep the tourist in the same safe road to preserve the forests and wildlife, but walking on stairs and concrete/steel in the wild it was a little disappointing. And of course, fuck those magpies.

Next time, kangaroos!