Australia. Chapter II: Which city rhymes with kidney?

In the previous post, we left our protagonists when they had just landed in Sydney, Australia. In this new entry, we’ll follow them in their battle against jet lag and we’ll see how they explore the city of Sidney.

Because we did our research, we knew that in Australia they were leaving the winter behind and entering spring. To know what the weather really was there, we contacted my brother two days before boarding the plane to get some answers. The convo went something like this:

–  Hey brother! What should we pack? Is it cold there?
– No! Just a sweater for nighttime and you are good.
– Great! See you soon!

Now, picture the surprise of two Spaniards, just days removed from summer, getting off of a plane in Sydney at 7 in the morning (I was wearing shorts) and seeing how they are being picked off the airport by a hat-and-gloves wearing lying bastard. Yes, that bastard is my brother and he forgot to mention he wears gloves and a hat because guess what, it was cold in Sydney.

We spend around 9 days total in Sydney. After a little rain the first days we got the sun that was promised. When sunny, Sydney is a pretty nice city. It has amazing beaches, nice parks with free barbecues for everybody to enjoy. But first let’s take a look at few landmarks of the city.

Best. Name. Ever.

So majestic.
Close enough.
The criminal strikes again.
The guide.

As I am writing this post with cold hands, because where I live it’s freezing right now, let’s enjoy some beach landscapes just to torture myself a bit.


We also climbed on top of the Sydney Tower. We paid a ticket to watch a terrible film and to see the views from the top. If you ever go there, please make yourself a favor and skip the movie. It’s The Mask 2 kind of bad (yes, it exists and, yes, I’ve seen in the theater. Not proud). The views were nice though.

I was surprised by the lack of deadly animals walking around. In fact, the only close encounter there was one big spider that got inside the apartment where we were staying in. And despite signs of deadly jellyfish in the beaches, there were plenty of people swimming there. Yes, we saw huge bats the size of a baby Batman but they were not dangerous at all.

The animal I feared the most there was the Australian Magpie, it’s this bird with a huge peak…

Not this weirdo.

This one…

He is also rude.
He is also rude.

You can see it in his eyes that he is a motherfucker. We were told if you mess with this bird he will straight attack you and he is no fan of fair play, he will go straight for the eyes. So I avoided him like the plague. I was so scared of that bird I didn’t dare to take any pictures of him; the photo up there is from Wiki commons.

So overall, Sydney was safe and awesome. Next stop, the Blue Mountains!